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30 - January - 2022
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Mask.jpg Please wear a face covering when moving about in the Church.
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scopt.jpg 10:00-11:00 Cafe Church, The service will be based on the theme of Candlemas- the presentation of Jesus in the temple. This will be the nearest Sunday to 2nd February when this is celebrated. We would be grateful for offers of refreshments for this event.

09:30-11:30 Slimming World in the Hall.
16:00-21:00 Slimming World in the Hall.



coffee.gif 14:00-16:00 Community Cafe
in St Andrew's Hall. Everyone in the community is invited to come and enjoy tea, coffee, cakes and a chat and, if you wish, also compete in a quiz. Please feel free to come and leave as you wish.
bmm.gif 20:00-21:00 Boughton Morris in the Hall.

tiddlers.gif 10:00-12:00 The Tiddlers, Mother and Toddlers group in the Hall.

MTC_Logo3.png 09:30-14:30 A Mar Thoma gathering in Church and Hall.
chalicesgif 10:00-11:00 Parish Communion with refreshments in the Hall.
EasterLily.jpg 12:00 A Baptism in Church.

The Vine Church Food Bank
The Vines will be open to recieve donations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00-12:00.
They would appreciate not only food but also personal toiletries, ladies’ feminine items and items for the kitchen.

Grass Verge Parking
Due to the recent bad weather, it is no longer possible to use the grass in front of the Hall.
This damaged turf was caused by works vans repairing the Gas main connection.

HAND.GIF Services for this month

New Faces wanted
We have the following gaps in our array of things to make and do:

CLEANERS.gifChurch Cleaning
If anyone would like to join the Church Cleaning Rota which usually comes around about once every six weeks, please speak to Derek Gardner ( mail@janetgardner.plus.com ).

choir31.gif Choir
To make happy sounds down at the pulpit end of the Church.

scrollbook.gif Lesson Reading
Will anybody who would like to join the list of Readers or Intercessors please let John (01622 728233) or Jean Sweetman know..

Support St Andrews via Justgiving Gift Aid
There are envelopes in the pews for use by those who wish to 'Gift Aid' their donation to the Church and are not part of our weekly envelope scheme.

A Chalice Home Visiting
If you know of someone in need of a home visit or other pastoral care then please fill in a request slip (At the back of the Church)and give it to John Sweetman (01622 728233) .

Alert Be Aware!
Please make sure that there are no unattended collection plates or handbags during the times when the Church is open.

St Andrew's Church has a reputation for friendliness and warmth. We look forward to welcoming you to our services and social events. Please make a note in your diary of those that you find of interest. Tell us Of any events you want added to the Calendar and remember to check ahead for important dates.

If you wish to recieve the weekly notices by Email then please contact either John Sweetman (01622 728233) or a Church Warden for more details.

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