"Our Church
Our Responsibility!"

In 2015 it cost us £514 per week to run St Andrews.

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You Did it We have paid our 2017 share without using any of our emergency savings. Congratulations to everyone.
But always remember:- No share, No Priest, No St Andrew's. Think on't.

Our Current income Averages at £409 per week.
Direct Giving via the envelope scheme or Direct Debit.
Tax Recovered by Gift aid £102
Cash Collections
The donations in the collection plate.
Fetes, Social events and the monthly 'Bring and Buy'.

In 2018 it cost us £648 per week to run St Andrews. For 2019 it will increase to £686 per week.
The difference between what we recieve and what we need is now about £239 per week. i.e. £5.20 extra for each person on the Electoral Roll. Less if those who come to church but are not on the Roll increase their giving ( and "Gift Aid" it). So the time has come for us to prayerfully review our current giving and see whether a change is possible or, for that matter, neccessary due to a downward shift in one's resources.

I took on duties
When I got married that I did not have when I was single… Provision of a home, partnership in the raising of children, contributing to the shared costs of living together. Council tax, utility bills, some of which were items that I did not actually use but accepted as part of my new life.

An Ongoing responsibility
In the same way stewardship is a task that I took up when I became a member of the Church. I contribute a share towards the costs of the greater family of which St Andrews is a part.

It is relatively cheap
Compared with other things in this material world. For instance:
A Sunday newspaper costs about £1.90 and occupies me for about 1 hour, including the crossword. A trip to the cinema costs £8.50 for a two hour film, popcorn excluded, and a £10 Easter Egg was demolished by my granddaughter in 30 seconds flat! Although I must admit that 75% of the cost of the egg must have been wrapping destined for the bin anyway.

Sorry, the rant about unneccessary packaging will have to wait for another time.

I am prepared to spend
those sums on ephemeral items then why does it seem so hard to spend a comparable sum on sharing God's love with my brothers and sisters in Barming?

I won't be here forever
(but it would be nice to see man step on the Moon once more) and surely Stewardship = Guardianship = Caretaker for the next generation.

Think, and pray.
See if you can commit the price of a pie and a pint (or a packet of fags) to the Lord's work. Remember, a small weekly increase from all of us could prevent an end of year panic!

Ways of giving


Weekly offering Committing yourself to a regular offertory sum through the 'envelope' scheme.
Gift Aid If you pay income tax, St Andrews can recover the tax on your giving as an extra donation.
Time and Talents They also serve who mow the grass or clean out the gutters. You can let us know the things you are willing to help with by filling in a Time and Talent form.
Legacies. A bequest can be made "After you've gone". Advice and informative literature is available at a website dedicated to the making and revising of wills


Financial Stewardship
Time and Talents