The Story so far

Sketch of the Church

Three as yet unknown Vicars
1925 Rev. E. H. Langhorne, seated, left.


1957-1973 Rev. Kieth Chare.
1957-1973 The Rev. Kieth Chare.

Source...1961 Yearbook

1983-2013 The Rev Brian Reed
1983-2013 The Rev Brian Reed

Source...J Lakeland

2013  The Rev Chris Lavender
2013 -2020 The Rev Chris Lavender

Source...J Lakeland

LWalker.jpg2020-> The Rev. Canon Liz Walker.
Source...J Lakeland
Our building has been a center for worship for over 164 years and in 2015 will celebrate 90 years of existence as a dedicated Church.

In 1856 a piece of land was conveyed, for the sum of 50, from the Guardians of the poor of the Maidstone Union to the Reverend George Davey of the parish of St. Peter, Maidstone.

This was to provide a site for a school for 'poor persons to be taught in the principles of the Established Church'.

When the new West Borough Schools opened in 1907, the building became the Heath Mission where Sunday services were held under the leadership of Mr Stephen Ashby, a local butcher and Lay Reader.

Since then there have been 7 changes of incumbent and we have now become part of the Benefice of St Andrew's Barming Heath with St Nicholas at Allington. Looked after by a "Priest in Charge".

In 2020 The Benefice link to St Nicholas, Allington was dissolved and we were declared as being interregnum. However the Rev. Canon Liz Walker fomerly of the Rochester Diocese has taken us on board and holds a Parish Communion on the first Sunday of the month. We have a guest Vicar on the third Sunday and hold Morning Worship and Cafe church on the intervening Sundays.

The list is as follows:

1924-1921   Rev. E. H. Langhorne.

1931-1936? Rev. J.E. Thomson

1938-1945 Rev. C.A. Walter

1945-1957 Rev. A.L.A. Dennington

1957-1973 Rev. F.K. Chare

1974-1982 Rev. J.P. Lefroy

1983-2013 Rev. B. Reed

2013-2020 Rev C. Lavender

2020-> Rev. Canon Liz Walker

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