The Vicars at St Andrew's.

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St Andrew's.

Sketch of the Church

The original school in 1908 1908 The School grounds as per the O.S. Map.
A painting of the original school Circa 1908 a painting of the School.
The church in 1925 1925 The first Layout as a Church.
The church in 1958 1958 The revised Layout.
The church in 1961 1961 The ornate Altar.
The church in 1963 1963 The new Window.
The church in 1963 1963 The new Window's provenance.
The church in 1965 1965 The new porch is blessed.
The church in 1990 1996 The new organ.
The church in 2002 2002 The War Memorials.
The church in 2005 2005 The current layout.
The church in 2011 2011 The refurbished Kitchen.
The church in 2014 2014 The spruced up exterior.
The church new notice board 2015 90 Years Young.
The church heating failed 2018 Our Boiler broke!.
The COVID-19 Virus 2020 COVID-19 Strikes!
The COVID-19 Virus 2023 Redecoration of the Hall.
The COVID-19 Virus 2024 Replacing the flat roof.
Our building has been a center for worship for over 170 years and in 2023 will celebrate 98 years of existence as a dedicated Church .

In 1856 a piece of land was conveyed, for the sum of £50, from the Guardians of the poor of the Maidstone Union to the Reverend George Davey of the parish of St. Peter, Maidstone.

This was to provide a site for a school for 'poor persons to be taught in the principles of the Established Church'. The original building, in local ragstone, tile roof and brick chimmneys, now forms the Church Hall, kitchen and Vestry. The present Church was added in later extensions.

From the earliest days services were held in the school on Sundays. When the new West Borough Schools opened in 1907, the building became the Heath Mission where Sunday services and social activities were held under the leadership of Mr Stephen Ashby, a local butcher and Lay Reader.

The new developments in Barming Heath, including the Cherry Orchard estate, resulted in the Mission becoming a Church, dedicated to St Andrew. At that time the altar was at the Tonbridge Road end of the Church.

1930 The Vicarage was built at 416 Tonbridge Road to serve St Andrews.

The Church was re oriented and the altar moved to its present position.

A stained glass window , originally from All Saints Church, Harnham, was installed and consecrated.

A new porch was built at the Tonbridge Road end. The original entrance porch has been turned into a Sacristy and no longer has an exterior door.

A new Organ and movable sound proofed partition wall between the Church and the Hall.

The aisle carpet has been replaced and edged with safety strip to prevent fraying.

The installation and re dedication of the War Memorials that once held pride of place in the Church of St Saviour on the site of the old Oakwood Psychiatric Hospital. They had been found in a roadside ditch near the village of Teynham. The congregation of St Andrew’s feel that the sacrifice of these people should continue to be honoured. They were restored by Maureen Lovering, and remounted by James Lakeland.

"At the going down of the sun
And in the morning.
We will remember them."

The hall floor, which had withstood many years of boots, bowling balls and babies, was replaced.


The flat roof at the bottom of the bell tower has been replaced.

A new heating system for the Church and Hall has been installed.

The sound system in the Church has been upgraded and an induction loop transmitter installed.

New hall tables have been purchased.

The windows of the Church have been replaced.

The windows of the Hall have been replaced as has the entrance door for the Hall.
An illuminated stainless steel cross has been mounted on the A26 side wall of the Church Hall.

Six small folding leg tables have been purchased to replace the old 'Card tables'.
The Hall Fire Door has been replaced

A toilet acessible by wheelchairs and those needing the asistance of a carer has been completed.

The Kitchen cupboards and worktops have been replaced. A water boiler has been installed and the surplus crockery 'culled'.
In November the old tatty dusty curtains in the Hall were replaced by adjustable vertical blinds.

The ceilings of the toilets and the corridor leading to them have been replaced and decorated.

The outside woodwork of both Church and Hall has been sanded back to bare wood, made good and then covered in a long life primer followed by an imposing Navy Blue top coat.

Some extra effort has been made this year to cull, trim and confine the trees and shrubbery within the Church Grounds.

The incandescent floodlights in the church have been replaced with LED devices giving us an 83% saving on the lighting power consumption.
The aged Sign board has been replaced.

After 12 years of service the heating system failed, Electronicus Extinctus, and thanks to the generosity of the KCC and The Congregation of St Andrews (Past and present) A new boiler and control unit was installed in June.

The outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent national lockdown has meant that very few services took place in 2020. A booking system and social distancing led to Congregations of no more than 20 persons.

Still under lockdown conditions, Services via Facebook and ZOOM have taken place. An Easter Service in Church was able to be celebrated.

LED strip lights have been installed in our hall and kitchen. We have also fitted a new cistern to serve one of the ladies’ toilets.
Urgent repairs to our flat roof where vandals have climbed and caused damage have been carried out.
Regular Services started again in August.

The hot water taps in the toilets have been re plumbed by Billy Smith to obtain their heated water via the gas heater in the Corridor by the kitchen. The old immersion heater and it's pipework has been removed. A hole in the flat roof has been repaired.
Services with Communion have been recommenced with a supporting Priest.

The Hall has been redecorated and the kitchen sink taps replaced.

Read about the first 90 Years as a Dedicated Church.

The flat roof over theKitchen and toilets had become leaky and unsafe to walk on. It has been replaced and the chimney stack of the fireplace in the Vestry has been taken down and the gap tiled over.

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