Hands at prayer picture

Please Pray for:

In Hospital
At Home
Emma, Angela
Danielle, Catherine
The Departed
Jim, Betty

A Prayer from the Church of England
Lord God, Creator of all, source of all being;
From the beginning you have called us ever deeper into your creation and into your heart.
Open our eyes and our ears this day, we pray;
That we might see and hear the opportunities you give to each and all of us
To love, to care, and to act as you do,
Through the love of your son, Jesus Christ.
Prayer written by Revd Andrew Sweeney

This week's prayers:-
Hold in your hearts the victims of violence and pray for peace.

Request the Father's healing grace for those in Hospital or recovering at home.

Support with your prayers those who are coping with grief or bereavement.

Pray for practical solutions for the Homeless, Hungry and Helpless.

Pray for someone that you know.
If you feel the need for prayer for yourself, or someone you know or you would like a name added to the Prayer List used during our Services. You can Email a request to our intercessors at prayers@standrewsbarming.co.uk .
Please indicate whether they should be mentioned as "In Hospital", "At Home", or "In Rememberance".
We will only use their Forename and will not mention the reason for their inclusion unless you specifically ask for that.

Prayer Box
We have placed a locked box in the Hall so that you may ask for prayer. Only the Ordained Clergy have access to the key. Requests will be used at "Morning Prayers" and then the note will be offered to God and shredded to maintain confidentiality.

Home visit
If you know of someone in need of a home visit or other pastoral care then please fill in a request slip (At the back of the Church)and give it to John Sweetman (01622 728233).

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